Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon

Nestled in the Himalayas, sandwiched between China and India, Bhutan has long been a forgotten Kingdom. Until the 1950s, few foreigners had ever visited Bhutan, but those that did returned with descriptions of a spectacular country, covered in pristine forests and dissected by clear rivers, the landscape dotted with ancient monasteries, its people still practising their rich traditions. So impressed where they that Bhutan came to be known as the Last Shangri-la....

Much has changed in Bhutan in the last fifty years. Since the introduction of TV and Internet in 1999, changes have come even more rapidly to Bhutan. Like all countries, it has its share of problems. But despite the changes, Bhutan retains much of its natural beauty, its culture, and its charm.

These pages provide a glimpse of nature and culture in Bhutan.